||Limitless Love & Light|| by John Stringer

Limitless Love & Light

Get your digital copy of John Stringer’s new solo debut CD, “Limitless Love & Light.” The new album features “soul-stirring music that inspires, motivates & awakens the listener to his or her own soul message.”

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What Our Customers are Saying

“John Stringer offers soul-stirring music that inspires, motivates & awakens the listener to his or her own soul message. His music provides a space for you to remember your connection to Source & that you have everything you need to soar!” Greta Counts

Business Trainer, Coach & Public Speaker

“John Stringer brings it! This man brings extraordinary talent, passion, light and an attitude of joy that lifts the genre of positive, affirming music to an entirely new level. John’s music and presence is compelling and lasts within your heart and mind long after you’ve experienced him. One of my all time favorites!” David Ault

Author/Speaker/Spiritual Teacher, Senior Minister at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

“John Stringer’s music has consistently set us on fire! Our community responds in appreciation and awe of John’s original music. When he composed a song for us, we eventually recorded this and sing it frequently with our membership. He’s open minded and supportive and thrives in diverse settings. We love you John. Thanks for giving beauty and song to life..” Penelope Williams

Director Of Creative Arts, Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

“John Stringer is the epitome of grace and talent. His angelic voice pours soft, pure brilliancy into the hearts and minds of his listeners. The energy John so organically emits encompasses a subtle voice of soft, gentle wisdom one may only find rooted in the very depths of the soul, where reality meets divinity and creativity converges with consciousness.” Mary Allison

Author, Artist, Event Organizer

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